DataGrid Master Detail Hierarchy on demand

This page demonstrates how to use templates to create a Radzen Blazor DataGrid hierarchy and load data on demand.

Order ID
Order Date
Required Date
Shipped Date
Ship Name
Ship Address
Ship City
Ship Region
Ship Postal Code
Ship Country
Order ID 10248 Customer Vins et alcools Chevalier Employee
Order Date 07/04/2016 Required Date 08/01/2016 Shipped Date 07/16/2016 Freight $32.38 Ship Name Vins et alcools Chevalier Ship Address 59 rue de l'Abbaye Ship City Reims Ship Region Ship Postal Code 51100 Ship Country France
Order ID 10249 Customer Toms Spezialitäten Employee
Order Date 07/05/2016 Required Date 08/16/2016 Shipped Date 07/10/2016 Freight $11.61 Ship Name Toms Spezialitäten Ship Address Luisenstr. 48 Ship City Münster Ship Region Ship Postal Code 44087 Ship Country Germany
Order ID 10250 Customer Hanari Carnes Employee
Order Date 07/08/2016 Required Date 08/05/2016 Shipped Date 07/12/2016 Freight $65.83 Ship Name Hanari Carnes Ship Address Rua do Paço, 67 Ship City Rio de Janeiro Ship Region RJ Ship Postal Code 05454-876 Ship Country Brazil